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This is part of our "big" project for Autumn-Winter 2010 . . . thousands (literally) of authentic registered tartans listed, checked, cross-referenced with each other in the hope that one day soon tartan-ribbon.com will be able to offer you the closest alternative tartan ribbon for whichever tartan you're searching for.

It's a huge undertaking and the work has to be done outwith business hours as we're already very busy shipping orders, so please bear with us while we work away - often late at night - with a wee dram to keep us going.

The list below (and on subsequent pages) represents most registered tartans.  When complete, these pages will allow you to click on any tartan and be taken to either that tartan in polyester tartan ribbon, in wool plaid tartan ribbon or to the tartan ribbon we feel is probably the closest.  There will also, inevitably, be many where the tartan is too unique for there to currently be a tartan ribbon similar enough to consider.

From historic clans to international companies, from towns and regions to universities, from models of motor car to important events (like the G8 summit), the reasons for registering a new tartan are as varied as the tartans themselves.  Enjoy browsing - some of the names alone are pretty amusing . . .


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