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Big changes are on their way!

We're planning a brand new tartan-ribbon.com website, based on the same amazing platform design as our main website cake-stuff.com.  The new site is much faster and simpler to use, with easier navigation, clearer pictures and many more options than we can currently offer here on our dear old tartan ribbon site.

Over the next few months while this work takes place, we're slowly transferring our tartan ribbon to cake-stuff.com/tartan-ribbon, so why not take a look?

As well as an increased range of tartan ribbon, there will be new related items . . . tartan ribbon bows, buttonholes etc.  The main difference is that prices will be lower as they no longer include free shipping.  Overall, the total price you pay for 95% of tartan ribbon will no more than at present and if you are buying 2, 3 or more reels, the prices will be much better.  Following Royal Mail's recent re-organisation of small packet post within the UK and massive increases to Air Mail pricing, we can no longer afford to offer free worldwide shipping, but we are reducing prices wherever possible and removing VAT from non-EU customers, so even when shipping is applied we sincerely hope the total price will be much the same as before

Our prices have not been reviewed for nearly 4 years so although we're trying to keep prices as low as possible, there will be a few unavoidable increases here and there but we'll ensure you still enjoy the very best prices available anywhere on line.  We will, of course, honour all orders at the price paid on any particular day from whichever site you prefer to order from.You'll be able to order from either website - whichever you prefer - but we'd suggest having a look at cake-stuff.com/tartan-ribbon as this is the same style of the new tartan-ribbon.com website and most customers are finding it easier and faster to use.


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