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Black Watch Tartan Ribbon

Black Watch Tartan Ribbon is available to buy in 7mm (1/4"), 10mm (3/8"), 16mm (5/8"), 25mm (1"), 38mm (1½") and 70mm (2¾") widths, on 25 metre (approx 27½ yard) reels and in 5m top-up packs.

Black Watch Tartan Ribbon is also available in limited quantities in a slightly different variation which we call "Dark Edge".  This Black Watch Tartan Ribbon is from a different weaver and has a darker blue stitched edging - almost black on narrower widths.  It also has a distinctive assymetric check, which becomes more obvious on 25mm and 38mm widths.  Please be aware of the subtle differences and ensuure you order the correct version if ordering more than one width or if placing orders at different times. 

Black Watch Tartan Ribbon is also available in 12mm (1/2"), 24mm (1") and 38mm (1½") widths on larger 50m (55yd) bulk reels. Please note that tartan ribbon supplied 50m bulk reels is from a different manufacturer and stocks are limited. 50m bulk reels offer unbeatable value for money.

Black Watch Organza (sheer, lightweight) tartan ribbon is also available in 16mm (5/8"), 25mm (1") and 38mm (1½") widths, on 25m (27½yd) reels and in 5m top-up packs.

Black Watch Wired Edge tartan ribbon with silver and gold edges is also available.  This ribbon is now extremely rare and stocks are diminishing quickly but to see what's available please click here.

The Black Watch Tartan Ribbon sold by tartan-ribbon.com is top quality, authentic Scottish tartan ribbon as certified by the Scottish Tartans Authority.

5m (5½yd) top-up packs also available, but please note 25m reels are by far the best value.

The Black Watch Tartan Ribbon was originally, and remains more correctly called "The Government Tartan", featuring the famous dark blue and green undercheck, on which most military tartans are based.

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