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Black Watch Wired Edge Ribbon

Black Watch Wired Edge tartan ribbon is now extremely rare, with remaining small stocks diminishing quickly.  Black Watch Wired Edge tartan ribbon is available in 24mm (1"), 32mm (1¼") and 48mm (17/8") widths, on 20m (22yd) reels with either a gold or silver wire edge, although as remaining stocks are sold the choice of these combinations will reduce.  Widths shown include wire edging.

This type of tartan ribbon is called "taffeta" and is cut from wider tartan material, has a fine weave texture with heat sealed edges to avoid fraying, with exquisite wire edging then applied.  Most other tartan ribbon has stitched edges, but the heat-sealed edges work just as well.  Each reel will show a slightly different section of the tartan.

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The Black Watch Tartan Ribbon was originally, and remains more correctly called "The Government Tartan", featuring the famous dark blue and green undercheck, on which most military tartans are based. 

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