Tartan Ribbon

CLEARANCE Tartan Ribbon

This section of our website contains various clearance reels of tartan ribbon. The tartans, widths and quantities vary on a daily basisáso if you seeásomething you like, our advice is grab it ! ! !á

All ribbon shown is brand new but being cleared for a variety of reasons; the three main reasons being . . .

  • One of our main weavers switched from 20m (22yd) reels to 25m (27Żyd) reels a few months ago and we still have some of the 20m reels to clear.
  • Some tartan ribbons are no longer in production - we're clearing any remaining stock.
  • Over time we build upálotsáof remnants and part-reels which we need to clear to keep our stockroom tidy.

We stress that everything is brand new.á There may also be a few remnant reels on offer, where the length has been estimated - these are clearly identified.áThe prices are excellent and, as always, we're happy to offer FREE worldwide shipping on all orders.

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