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ORGANZA Tartan Ribbon

Organza Tartan Ribbon, also known as Sheer Tartan Ribbon, is a new type of tartan ribbon, manufactured to give a softer, lighter, open-weave texture. Organza tartan ribbon is almost see-through in appearance, so the tartan is not immediately recognisable. This makes it popular for wedding flowers and favours, where a "hint of tartan" is desired. Organza Tartan Ribbon is currently only produced in the tartans shown below, although more tartans may be added over the next few months.

All tartan ribbon sold by tartan-ribbon.com is top quality, authentic Scottish tartan ribbon as certified by the Scottish Tartans Authority.

As always, we are happy to offer FREE worldwide shipping on all orders. Please click on the tartan you are looking for and we'll take you to the relevant page where you can see both the organza tartan ribbon and our normal, premium tartan ribbon.

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