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Pride of Scotland Tartan Ribbon

Pride of Scotland (Modern) Tartan Ribbon is one of a range of 11 tartans designed by a top Scottish highlandwear company, keen to promote new tartans aimed at the kilt hire market. Each tartan in the range is called Pride of Scotland, followed by the variant name - in this case "Modern", although also sometimes referred to as "Original".

Pride of Scotland Modern Tartan Ribbon is available to buy in 10mm (3/8"), 16mm (5/8"), 25mm (1") and 38mm (1½") widths on 25 metre (approx 27½ yard) reels and in 5m (5½yd) top-up packs. The Pride of Scotland (Modern) Tartan Ribbon sold by tartan-ribbon.com is top quality, authentic Scottish tartan ribbon as certified by the Scottish Tartans Authority.

As always, we are happy to offer FREE worldwide shipping on all orders

5m (5½yd) top-up packs are also available with FREE worldwide shipping, but please note 25m reels are by far the best value

As you will see, the prices of all Pride of Scotland Tartan Ribbon are considerably higher than most other tartan ribbon. This has to do with licensing arrangements and the price set by the manufacturers and is, unfortunately, outwith our control. We believe our Pride of Scotland Tartan Ribbon is the most competitively priced you'll find but, where possible, we have also shown better priced alternatives.

We are happy to offer an extremely close alternative to Pride of Scotland (Modern) Tartan Ribbon, with a substantial saving on Pride of Scotland prices . . . Pride of Bannockburn Tartan Ribbon.  Please have a look.

Please click here to see Pride of Bannockburn Tartan Ribbon

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Pride of Scotland Tartan Ribbon Buttonhole / Corsage

Pride of Scotland Tartan Ribbon Buttonhole / Corsage

Handmade buttonhole / corsage in Pride of Scotland tartan ribbon with FREE worldwide shipping.Made by hand in Scotland, each buttonhole measures...


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