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Rangers FC Tartan Ribbon

Rangers FC Tartan Ribbon

Rangers FC Tartan Ribbon is a premium tartan ribbon, officially licensed by Rangers Football Club plc and produced by the makers of the Pride of Scotland range. Rangers FC Tartan Ribbon is only available in 16mm (5/8") and 25mm (1") widths.

The Rangers FC Tartan is owned by Rangers Football Club plc and has continued to evolve over the years with new variants of the tartan being introduced (similar to the new football strips which appear every season!). The Rangers FC Tartan Ribbon we offer is the most current variant (shown on the left) with the distinctive white overcheck.  An older variant of this tartan was known as "Dress Rangers Tartan".  Dress Rangers tartan was produced in 38mm ribbon a few years ago but is no longer produced, having been replaced by the current Rangers Tartan Ribbon.

Another older variant of Rangers Tartan, sometimes referred to as "Original Rangers Tartan" (shown on the left without the white overcheck) was also produced in 25mm width ribbon a few years ago and although some stockists may have remnants available, it is several years out-of-date and best regarded as discontinued.

Rangers FC Tartan Ribbon is available to buy in 16mm (5/8") and 25mm (1") widths only, on 25 metre (27½ yard) reels. We are also happy to offer Rangers FC Tartan Ribbon in 10m (approx 11yd) lengths 5m (5½yd) top-up packs, as well as the full 25m (27½yd) reels.

The Rangers FC Tartan Ribbon sold by tartan-ribbon.com is top quality, authentic Scottish tartan ribbon as certified by the Scottish Tartans Authority. As you will see, the prices of all Pride of Scotland (and related) tartan ribbon are considerably higher than most other tartan ribbon. This has to do with licensing arrangements and the price set by the manufacturers and is, unfortunately, outwith our control. We believe our Rangers FC Tartan Ribbon is the most competitively priced you'll find but if you know better, or if you require smaller lengths, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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