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Robertson Hunting Tartan Ribbon

Robertson Hunting (Modern) Taffeta Tartan Ribbon

Robertson Hunting Modern "Taffeta" Tartan Ribbon is available in available in 15mm (approx. 1/2"), 24mm (1"), 36mm (1½"), 48mm (<2") and 72mm (2¾") widths on 25m (27½ yard) reels).

SORRY - currently not in production but please click here to see Modern MacKenzie for an almost identical alternative.

Taffeta tartan ribbon is a finer-weave has heat-sealed edges and is cut from wider material, so each reel will show a slightly different part of the tartan.  The Robertson Tartan Ribbon sold by tartan-ribbon.com is quality, authentic Scottish tartan ribbon and is manufactured in the United Kingdom.

5m (5½yd) top-up packs also available with FREE worldwide shipping, but please note 25m reels are by far the best value.

Robertson Hunting Modern Taffeta Tartan Ribbon is incorrectly described on some reels by the English weavers as "Ross".  It is an excellent alternative to MacKenzie, Scottish National Tartan, Rose (ie not Ross) and several other tartans.  Please note that this is currently the only MacKean Tartan Ribbon currently produced.

As always, we are happy to offer FREE worldwide shipping on all orders

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