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WOOL Plaid Tartan Ribbon

Scottish 100% pure new Wool Plaid Tartan Ribbon in a fantastic choice of over 500 tartans in 8 different widths.

With over 5,500 registered tartans, but only around 40 produced in "proper" ribbon, we are constantly trying to find ways to offer our customers an ever wider choice.

By entering the name of the tartan you're looking for in the KEYWORD SEARCH box (top left), we'll help you find the closest alternative tartan ribbon. However, we realise that sometimes it is important to customers to use the precise tartan, so another way we can help is to offer Wool Plaid Tartan Ribbon.

Wool Plaid Tartan Ribbon is available in over 500 tartans and, as the name suggests, is produced from 100% pure new Scottish wool plaid. It's important to understand how this ribbon is produced, so we'd ask you to please read this through . . .

  • We use lightweight 100% pure new Scottish wool tartan plaid, woven to standard 54 inch width.
  • Wool Plaid Tartan Ribbon is cut from this; each strip is 54" long and will appear slightly different.
  • We use "small set" tartan, which has a smaller size of check - this allows more of the check to appear on each strip but please remember each strip will look different, especially with the narrower widths.
  • We can supply various widths right up to 12" (prices on request), but 1" is the narrowest and most popular width in which we can offer this type of ribbon. Please see below for different widths.
  • Each 54" strip of Wool Plaid Tartan Ribbon is professionally hemmed and stitched.
  • We supply this tartan ribbon in packs of 10 strips, with FREE worldwide shipping. 
  • Wool Plaid Tartan Ribbon is produced to order, so we will ship your order inside 14 days.
  • The wool plaid material is woven in Scotland by one of our country's top tartan weavers.
  • As it is produced to order, Wool Plaid Tartan Ribbon cannot be returned if you change your mind.

Wool Plaid Tartan Ribbon is ideal for use in wedding bouquets, floral tributes, for decorating venues and interior design, and also suitable for use on clothing and soft furnishings, but can be a little "heavy" for use on smaller items, such as wedding stationery and favours, for which we would recommend using the KEYWORD SEARCH box to help find the closest alternative polyester ribbon. 

Some of the abbreviations used are: Mod (modern), Anc (ancient), Dis (district), Hunt (hunting), Dr (dress), Wea (weathered) etc.  In all cases, please remember to check the full description carefully.

Wool Plaid Tartan Ribbon is by its nature a very high quality product, but we are delighted to offer excellent value for money . . . one pack of 10 x 54" strips is equivalent to 13.7 metres, which means this fantastic product costs from just over £2 per metre (1" width).  Indeed, for the price many companies charge for 5-6 lengths, we can offer a pack of 10 lengths and, as always, our price includes FREE worldwide shipping! 

VERY IMPORTANT . . . the images used for the following 500+ tartans come from a large number of different reference sources who often do not agree with each other. The historic and complicated registration of clan tartans (especially where there are ancient and hunting variants) means that different weavers use different catalogues, dyes and thread counts. For this reason, please understand that we cannot guarantee complete accuracy of any of these tartan images.

On the rare occasion where the image is not accurate, the Wool Plaid Tartan Ribbon supplied will be correct to the tartan name. In other words, the tartan ribbon will be correct - it just may not match up exactly with the image shown on the site.  If in any doubt, please double check the tartan you require using a database such as the Tartan Ferret and compare it against the image shown before ordering as we cannot accept returns of cut-to-order Wool Plaid Tartan Ribbon.

 Please click on the images below to search through the different widths of over 500 Wool Plaid Tartan Ribbons.  PLEASE REMEMBER that Wool Plaid Tartan Ribbon is produced to order, so we will ship your order inside 14 days.

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